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January Development  

Photography by Mary Warren

Snowy Serenbe

Live/works available on Selborne Lane

Serenbe merchandise can be found in this live/work, across from The Hil

An aerial view of Grange highlighting the Serenbe Organic Farm

Shutters are added to the sleeping porch on cottage 38, built by Arc & Angle

Another view of this available home

Warm interior finishes can be found in cottage 49

Cottage 120 has a very open floor plan

The Crossroads and Serenbe stables as viewed from above

New builders have begun construction in Grange

Rendering of new Capstone townhomes, soon available in Grange

New street signs

Foundations are nestled in the Serenbe Lane hillside

Unique lighting fixtures find a home in cottage 221, built by Redbone Construction

Another view highlighting an antique door now hung on a barn track

Selborne community with Selborne Way to the top

Custom home designed by Empyrean International and built by Moon Brothers

Wooded sideyard of the Victorian on lot 164

A back view of cottage 163 and future outdoor kitchen space

Hedgewood cottage 139, ready soon

Calm interior palette of cottage 139

Serenbe, disturbing little

A side view of cottage 139

The exterior of Palmetto cottage 140 is painted chocolate brown

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