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The future of Serenbe is informed by the past

The land planning of Serenbe is developed not only according to sustainability principles, protecting the wetlands and preserving over 70 percent of the land as green space, but also with respect for the cultural history of the land, which is largely agricultural. The ruins of an early farm settlement have been protected, as have some Native American archaeological sites.

The master plan for the settlement calls for three hamlets, both based on sacred geometry principles with buildings clustered along a serpentine-like omega form fitted to the undulations of the land. The result is that the omega form creates a closer relationship between the community and the surrounding natural beauty of the land. These methods of arranging the community require minimal land grading and land disturbances, and also allow the community to reserve large areas of undeveloped green space. In fact, Serenbe is the first development to be approved since the Fulton County Board of Commissioners officially adopted the Chattahoochee Land Use Plan, which calls for green space preservation utilizing historic village and hamlet development patterns.

Unlike typical suburban forms of development, Serenbe uses an innovative density plan that fosters architectural diversity and undomesticated stretches of nature.

The three distinct hamlets are named Selborne, Grange and Mado.  Selborne is the center for arts (performing, visual and culinary), and is currently home to about 100 residents, the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop, StudioSwan Art Gallery, Goode’s For the Home, Gloriosa Style, and The Hil restaurant.  Here, you’ll find stunning attention to artistic detail, from the glowing streetlamps created by an artist especially for the Selborne hamlet to the iron bike racks, benches and even trash cans.  Grange, currently under construction, is the farm hamlet, given its proximity to the Serenbe Organic Farms and Serenbe Stables.  With hilly terrain and sweeping views of 50 miles of greenspace, the lake, and preserved forestland, homes here will feel as though they’re nestled in a mountain retreat.  Grange will also be home to a barbecue restaurant, a tack store, feed and seed shop, and arts and crafts studios.   The third community, which is in the planning stages, is Mado—named for the Creek-Indian word meaning “things in balance.”  Here, you’ll find the destination spa, an upscale boutique hotel, vegetarian restaurant, juice bar, traditional and holistic medical services, assisted living, and more.

 One of the most pleasing aspects of Serenbe is the architectural diversity of the community. Some building materials and styles are inspired and shaped by local historic dwellings, and also sometimes implemented with a contemporary approach. Each home is certified to EarthCraft Homes “green” standards.

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