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What is the school system? Answer
Who is the builder? Answer
What amenities will be offered and when? Answer
Will there be other communities? Answer
What are the taxes? Answer
Who owns the open/green space and how is it funded? Answer
Is sewer available? Answer
Are there covenants that apply to things like fences and pools and parking? Answer

What is the school system?
Currently, Fulton County is the provider. Additionally, there are several private schools in the area. There is a Chattahoochee Hill Country Conservancy committee developing plans for a charter school. You can view more school information here.

Who is the builder?
Serenbe has a list of approved builders.  You may also submit your builder for consideration.  Call the sales team at 770.463.9997 for more information.

What amenities will be offered and when?
Phase I, the Selborne Hamlet, includes the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop and The Hil restaurant, StudioSwan art gallery, Gloriosa Style event design & tabletop shop, and Goode’s for the Home, with several more shops and businesses opening in late 2007 & 2008.  Grange is home to the Serenbe Stables and Serenbe Organic Farms, which host a weekly organic produce market each Saturday during growing season.  On property is also the Inn at Serenbe, The Farmhouse restaurant, 15 miles of walking trails, a treehouse, and much more.  Future plans for Serenbe include a destination spa, more restaurants and shops, assisted living facilities, medical services (both traditional and holistic) and more.

Will there be other communities?
Yes. The crossroads and farm communities are expected to be started in 2007.

What are the taxes?
Taxes will be assessed as follows. 40% of fair market value x .034234 (2004 rate). This equates to approximately $1,400 in taxes per $100,000 of fair market value.

Who owns the open/green space and how is it funded?
The open space land will be deeded to a Serenbe land trust, which will be established separately from the HOA. A 1% transfer fee will be assessed on all home sales to fund the land trust and Serenbe Center for Arts and Culture.

Is sewer available?
Yes, with an environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art decentralized natural wastewater system and a constructed natural wetlands and sandfilter system. The approximate cost to each homeowner will be $40 per month. Management of the system will be provided by a qualified private utility. Serenbe is not supported by a public utility’s conventional sewer plant.  Rather, our Community is serviced by a local/privately operated wastewater collection system.

Generally speaking, there are four components of the system:

  1. The Plant:  Comprised of man-made constructed wetlands (cattails & bullrush primarily), filtration basins, and circulating pumps.

  2. The Collection Tanks:  These collect the household wastewater, retain the solids (for decomposition), and pass on the liquids (to the plant for “natural” treatment).  Single family homes (cottage & estate) run off of their own 1,500 gallon tank.  Town homes and live/work units are connected in series (typically, but not always) and piped into larger shared “communal” tanks.  The tanks release their effluent via either “gravity” or “pumping”, depending on the geography and location of the lot.

  3. The Land Application Field:  Once treated, the plant’s effluent is pumped to our cow pasture and released into the ground via piped sub-surface drip lines.

  4.  The Re-use System:  In addition to pumping the treated, clean water to the land application field, it is also pumped to each individual homeowner’s yard to be used, also, for subsurface drip irrigation.

Are there covenants that apply to things like fences and pools and parking?
Yes, and they are available to review prior to your commitment.

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