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Vision & Mission What is Serenbe

A Community of People Living in a Community of trees

At Serenbe we value:

  • Nature… because people can live more fully when connected to nature’s wonders
  • Passion… because living passionately is the most rewarding of lives
  • Creativity… because creative people live lives of great passion, and can help the rest of us do the same
  • Community… where people are accepted for who they are, not what they are

At Serenbe we foresee:

  • a community where people authentically live, work, learn and play in celebration of life’s beauty
  • a place where connections between people, nature and the arts are nourished

At Serenbe we:

  • Bring people together to learn and explore ideas about the environment, sensitive development, and new ways of thinking and planning for the future
  • Model beneficial ways to both preserve and develop land
  • Connect artists, artisans, and art lovers to create and experience art in its fullest range and glory
  • Place special emphasis on the “earth-centered” arts to celebrate the cultural and ethnic heritage of the Chattahoochee Hill Country
  • Link our commitment to the environment with creative vision to create and celebrate art
  • Use today’s and tomorrow’s technology as tools to connect people with nature and the arts
  • Explore how the arts and technology can be integrated in support of one another in the creative process
  • Share valuable lessons about art, the environment, technology, and sustainable and green field development with others
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